NO MORE Insomnia | DEEP Sleep Music with Relaxing Rain [3.0Hz Delta Waves] Binaural Beats

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Soothing deep sleep music with Binaural Beats Delta Waves to stop insomnia and stress. Mixed with deeply relaxing gentle rain sounds and occasional distant thunder. Fall asleep easy and fast with the 3.0Hz Delta Binaural Beats, ideal to lower stress, worrying and anxiety. Enjoy a full 8-hour sleep cycle of healing deep sleep. Listen on a comfortable (low) volume when you go to sleep.

The 8 Hour sleep track is composed with a 75min Delta Wave sleep cycle. After this there will be a 10-15 minute 'window' for REM sleep- before returning to the deeply soothing binaural waves.

Binaural Beats have shown to reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

The Binaural Beat frequencies may affect brainwaves - a process called "entrainment". Examples of entrainment are gently rocking a baby to sleep, or falling asleep in a moving train. In history it has been used as ceremonious chanting to enter trance like states. Nowadays many people use entrainment for relaxation, sleep or meditation purposes.

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My audio productions are never to take the place of professional medical advice. Do not listen whilst driving or operating machinery of any kind.

★ The Audio is for personal use only and can not be copied, reused, remixed, re-broadcasted or re-distributed. Contact me at for commercial licensing.

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  • HQ Digital Download MP3 320 kbps


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NO MORE Insomnia | DEEP Sleep Music with Relaxing Rain [3.0Hz Delta Waves] Binaural Beats

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